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As our patient, during your first visit, your complete medical and dental history will be reviewed with you. It is extremely important to know if you are taking any medications or are being treated for any condition that can affect your periodontal care.

A thorough examination of your gums will be performed to see if any recession is present at the gumline, to assess how your teeth fit together when you bite, and check if any of your teeeth are loose. A small measuring instrument will be used and placed between your teeth and gums to determine the depth of those spaces, known as periodontal pockets. This helps to determine the health of your gums. X-rays may also be taken to observe the health of the bone below your gums.

After all the diagnostics are done, a thorough and carefully evaluated treatment plan will be presented to you.

In our multi-disciplinary practice, careful treatment planning and diagnosis of all cases are discussed amongst qualified general dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists and orthodontists to provide the patient with good and successful results and to return you back to health, with a happy and healthy smile that all our patients DESERVE to have.

If you value your oral health as well as your overall health, anytime is a good time to see a Periodontist for a periodontal evaluation.

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As Dentists, you can – and should – check for the warning signs of periodontal disease. The warning signs are:

· Bleeding gums during tooth brushing

· Red, swollen or tender gums

· Gums that have pulled away from the teeth

· Persistent bad breath

· Pus between the teeth and the gums

· Loose or separating teeth

· A change in the way the teeth fit together upon biting

· A change in the fit of partial dentures

If some or all of these are present, and periodontal disease is suspected, your patients might need a more advanced periodontal treatment other than their regular cleaning. Dr. Regina Santos-Morales and her staff will be there to provide your patients with the best periodontal treatments they will need.

Dental implantology on the other hand is a delicate, specific subspecialty of periodontics (aside from prosthodontics and oral surgery) and Dr. Santos-Morales is certainly qualified and trained to perform this procedure. If your patients are going to be missing teeth or have missing teeth already, and do not wish to wear removable dentures, then it is time to consider dental implant therapy.

The welfare of your patients is very important in our clinic. For this reason, the center will update the referring dentist through correspondence either through fax, email or text messaging to provide the patients with a holistic dental treatment plan. for-patient-2Within 48 hours after seeing your patient, we will contact you to inform you of the patient’s periodontal condition. We encourage open communication between the referring dentist and Dr. Regina Santos-Morales along with her staff, to provide the utmost comprehensive treatment to our valued patients. When necessary, oral photos of your patients will be sent to you via email to convey the proper diagnosis and plan of treatment. These pictures are taken with digital photography of the highest standards so that critical areas of interest will be shown. Such that discussions will be made easier as both you and Dr. Santos-Morales can see the case magnified.

Dr. Santos-Morales’ practice is limited to Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Other dental treatments will be done by you, the referring dentist, or in some cases, the patient may be referred to a dental specialist as discussed with the referring dentist. Following Periodontal treatments, we make certain of the stability of their periodontal status before sending them back to the referring dentist for their regular maintenance cleaning and other dental work.

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Dr. Santos-Morales is an active lecturer in many dental chapter meetings throughout the country. She is a member of the Speaker’s Bureau of the Philippine Dental Association. If you wish to have her in your dental meetings, please feel free to contact the Asian Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry secretary to make arrangements.

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“Dra. Morales runs the most efficient periodontal clinic in the world. It should be on a website called Tender Loving Care!”

– Tony Gonzales (Jag), Chairman – CEO, Mondragon


“When I first went to Dr. Morales, my gums and teeth were an absolute mess. I was embarrassed, but she quickly put me on the road to recovery, and here I am 11 years later with healthy gums and teeth, and swearing I’ll never ever go to any other dentist. She is by far, the best!!”

– Tim Cone, Head Coach, Alaska Team, Philippine Basketball Association


“Dr. Regina Santos-Morales is so meticulous and gentle . She has totally erased my fear of dentists. I have referred many of my patients to her and they think she is wonderful too. I will only entrust my patient’s oral health with Dr. Morales and her team. She has been taking care of me for the past 10 years. Teeth are so important for beauty . If you lose your teeth bone resorption happens and the lower face sags and collapses . Thank you Dr. Morales for helping me look young.”

– Vicki Belo, MD, Ambassadress of Beauty, Doctor to the Stars, Medical Director, Belo Medical Group


“I look forward to Dr. Morales’ cleaning procedures because she’s extremely detailed and thorough. My teeth always feel and look great after!”

– Rosanne Prieto, Model, Philippines


“I owe my healthy gums and teeth to Dra. Morales. Some ten years ago, I developed gum disease which threatened my teeth. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Regina Santos-Morales. She nursed my gums back to health through a series of deep-cleaning procedures and gum surgery. Subsequently, she performed dental implants that today feel very much like my natural teeth. I still see Dra. Morales for regular cleaning and maintenance work.

Dra. Morales is an outstanding periodontist and dental implant specialist, and perhaps the best dentist I have ever had. Apart from her professional competency, she has excellent chairside manners. She has a very light touch, and a genuine concern for her patients. She also has a very good network of dental specialists to whom she can refer her patients for dental work she herself does not perform such as root canals, crowns, fillings, braces, etc…

“I have recommended her to family and friends, and will continue to do so at every opportunity.”

– Gerry Ablaza, Senior Managing Director, Ayala Corporation, Philippines


Last Christmas season while in California, USA, I went to a highly regarded periodontist who advised me that I needed urgent gum treatment. The treatment would necessitate that I be in California for at least two months. I realized that I needed the treatment immediately, however, staying in the US for months was unacceptable.

Fortunately, a friend told me to check out Dra. Regina Morales (Ninay), which I did. After being treated by Ninay, I am very happy with the outcome and even happier that I don’t need to go abroad to get the gum treatment.

– Gregorio Araneta, Philippines


Dr. Regina Santos-Morales is undoubtedly the best periodontist ever! Starting with her broad know-how on how best to treat your teeth to the extent of being a beautiful human being…gentle, intelligent, friendly, accommodating and I could go on and on in praise of her.

All that she did for my teeth and gums has no equal in expertise and ultimate comfort.

– Pilar Aldanese, Philippines


I always feel at ease and comfortable inside Asian Periodontics and Implant Dentistry Center. The atmosphere inside the clinic is very pleasant, friendly and welcoming. The service is extremely good and efficient. My family and I will certainly continue to visit this dental clinic for my regular dental services.

– Jose T. Sio, Executive Vice President, SM Investments Corporation


“As a senior citizen, I have already met, consulted and been treated by a lot of doctors with various specializations and I would consider them all meritorious and commendable.

However there is one who really impressed me and I consider her the model of all doctors. She is no other than Regina B. Santos Morales, DMD. This lady dentist simply knows how to make one relax and feel at ease as shown in her mildness and kind disposition in addressing her patients, gives equal care and treatment for all, shows extraordinary patience and diligence in coming up with the correct diagnosis of every complaint.

In spite of the special ability and exceptional talent that God has favored her, she remains humble for she says that everything is a gift from God. Indeed, humility is one of the virtues most loved by the Lord.

A truly humble person is very hard to find nowadays and when you see one, you will be really touched like me.”

– Charlito A. Gaviola, former president of the Holy Name Society, Mary Helps of Christians Shrine, Paranaque City


Dr. Regina Santos Morales is one of the best (periodontist-dentist) in the country. Aside from being a true professional, she is just so much fun. So much so that you tend to forget the pain of the procedure (you can save an extra shot of anesthesia!). She does everything to make you feel comfortable. I recommend her for everybody who dreads to go to the dentist and would like to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

– Louis-Paul Heussaff, CEO, Supply Oil Field Services and proud Father of Solenn Heusaff


“Dr. Regina B. Morales is the main reason why I have healthy gums and teeth. Because my gums are naturally sensitive, I have to see the best dentist/periodontist out there and there really is no other one I can go to. Also, for my regular cleaning, I don’t think that any dentist, here or abroad can come close to Dra. Morales in terms of being very thorough and efficient. All these plus a very kind and professional staff makes Dr. Morales easily the only dentist/periodontist to go to out there. I feel very safe and comfortable recommending Dr. Morales to anyone, whether they are young or old.”

– Emmanuel R. Ledesma, Jr., President and CEO, PSALM Phillipines


“Dra. Regina Morales was introduced to me by Dra. Lucy Bernardo. I can safely say that with these two dentists taking care of my dental concerns, they make me feel at ease and confident that I will never have an emergency situation. This is because their PRE and POST dental procedures are the best! They are not only very competent, but their demeanor is EXCELLENT and a delight to be with.

Regina is God’s gift to people who have Teeth concerns.”

– Domingo S. Guevara Jr., Pres./CEO, GIDC


“I was expecting a tedious and painful procedure in undergoing implant placement. I have not gone through any operations in the past but Dr. Regina Morales’ procedure was surprisingly pain-free that it banished all my fears about implants! This is even better than having a root canal!”

– Tony Boy Escalante, Antonio’s, Tagaytay, Philippines


“Dr. Regina B. Santos-Morales is outstanding in her field of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Her professional and expert treatment of my severe gum disease has resulted in my having healthy gums. Her precise, gentle surgery ensured minimum discomfort throughout the treatments and her clinical and administrative staff were as supportive and concerned for each patient as she was. Dr. Santos-Morales can be counted amongst the top dentist practitioners I have seen in Europe, Australia and South-East Asia and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Carolyn Wilson, Consultant, Australia


“I was diagnosed with Acute Periodontitis and my periodontist in Australia recommended extractions of many of my teeth as their treatment. I decided not to proceed with the treatment. On a visit to the Philippines, I was referred to Dr. Regina Santos-Morales. After a thorough examination, she confirmed no extractions for me, much to my delight. She performed gum surgery in her very clean, hygienic and modern premises. My condition is now very well and under control. I would like to thank Dr. Santos-Morales and commend her caring, kind and gentle manner and acknowledge her fine skills and professionalism.”

– Errol Johnson, Company Director, Australia


“Over the years, I have been blessed by many wonderful health care professionals including Dr. Regina Santos-Morales and Dr. Katrina Tan. They have provided me with superb care in the past 3 years I have been in the Philippines and I really do appreciate it. They have done an outstanding job on my periodontal health from the onset. I was treated with 4 quadrants of excellent surgery and I actually look forward to my regular maintenance visits every 3 months. I would highly recommend Dr. Regina Santos-Morales to anyone who are in need of periodontal and implant care, and in fact I just did so yesterday.”

– Vincent Easton, Editor, Hongkong


“I currently reside in Canada and recently returned from the Philippines Feb 2010 from a 3 week vacation in the Philippines. Prior to my trip, I needed a periodontist and Dr. Morales was highly recommended by my relative who resides in Manila. I contacted Dr. Morales through email and she responded immediately and was able to give me an appointment amidst my busy schedule which made my trip manageable and less stressful. In Canada, I was told I needed 4 quadrant surgeries by my periodontist. However, after Dr. Morales examined my periodontal condition, she only recommended 3 quadrant surgery and a root amputation. Due to her professionalism, the treatment was thorough, painless and the recovery was minimal. She is a very hands-on dentist. Dr. Morales is a professional, accommodating and caring individual especially to patients like me. I was pampered. 🙂 For sure I highly recommend Dr. Morales for any periodontal and implant work…. in fact I should say to any dental work, and if it is not her line, she can definitely refer to her highly qualified colleagues as well. Again, I commend Dr. Morales and her staff for their professionalism and a JOB WELL DONE.”

– Natty A. Mendoza, Customs and Border Protection Officer, Vancouver, Canada


Dr. Morales is a highly skilled professional who cares deeply about the wellbeing of her patients. In my own case, she provided me with clear information on the options for an implant, as well as successfully addressing long-standing dental problems. As a result, I felt very confident in knowing exactly what needed to be done and why. Dr. Morales takes the time to get to know her patients’ individual needs. She ensures that her staff also practices this same caring approach — smiles abound and are genuinely friendly. I have been extremely happy with the excellent care provided by Dr. Morales and her team and completely satisfied with the results.

— Jon Lindborg, Pukalani, Hawaii, USA


I thank Dr. Morales and her staff for all their excellent services. I am so impressed at the care I received like giving ample time to ask of my history and listening to my concerns at my initial consultation. This did much to calm my fears and give me a trust in her counsel. I am deeply indebted to her honesty in recommending treatment. She could have recommended a more expensive treatment but did not. Because of this, I know her work is more than just making money but providing service and help to others. She also has the most updated tools and the best skills available to do a first rate job. I also appreciate the kindness shown in her standard operating procedures and wonder why such small amenities are not offered here in the US. These include lubricating the lips prior to working on my teeth and warm water to irrigate the teeth when cleaning. These simple things simply illustrate her care towards her patients.

I am highly appreciative all of the dental services that I had in her office and count my trip to the Philippines such a good trip and investment because of her. She has been such a blessing to me.

— Richard M. Rowe, Santa Ana, California


Right before my vacation to Manila, my dentist here in San Francisco told me I would need periodontal work. I decided to have it done in Manila. I searched the Internet and found Dr. Regina Morales. I emailed her with what I needed done and sent my radiographs. She responded right away and told me her recommendations and the price. On my short visit to Manila, she was able to accommodate me in her very busy schedule. I am very happy with her work and even my dentist here in San Francisco was very impressed. Dr. Regina and her staff are very professional, efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Regina to my family and friends. I’ve been to many dentist there and here, but SHE IS THE BEST!

— Greg Pejoro, Businessman, San Francisco, CA, USA


“I and my staff will always be here to help you with any concerns you may have.” These words of Dr. Morales encapsulate the professionalism, skill and outstanding care that you will experience in everything that Dr. Morales does.

When I first learned that I needed implant surgery, I was concerned – until I met Dr. Morales and she explained exactly what was involved, how much time each step would take, and the cost involved. At one point in my healing process, Dr. Morales performed a delicate sinus lift with such skill and care that I began to understand why she is held in such high esteem and why so many people recommend her to their loved ones.

Dr. Morales is an outstanding dental implant specialist who will give you top-notch care from start to finish! If you need a dental implant, Dr. Morales will give you the best possible treatment! In addition, she and her staff will be there for you, making sure you feel comfortable and cared for every time you visit her office.

— Arthur Park, Korea


“I am very pleased with Dr. Regina B. Santos-Morales and her very friendly and professional staff.

This is an amazing dental surgeon who put me at ease and explained everything about the procedure. The procedure was painless and the results were excellent.

I feel very comfortable recommending and referring her to anyone.”

– Rosemarie T. Robinson, New York, USA


“About 4 years ago, I went to see my dentist for prophylaxis and some tooth and gum aches. After examination by my regular dentist I was told I had no cavities but needed to see a periodontist. After being examined by the first periodontist, I was told I needed 5 extractions and 4 quadrants of surgery, but needed consent from my cardiologist. My cardiologist convinced me to get a second opinion. Thus, I was referred to Dr. Regina Santos-Morales by my son who is a medical doctor and she was kind enough to give me an early appointment. After giving details of my past dental history, she thoroughly examined my periodontal condition and suggested only 3 quadrant surgery to be done in stages and only 1 extraction from the previous 5 extractions the other periodontist wanted to perform. I was very fortunate in finding her and very glad she saved all my teeth (except one). I still visit Dr. Santos-Morales quarterly for my prophylaxis and maintenance. Surprisingly, in one of my visits, by coincidence I met a good friend, who is Chairman/CEO of a large life insurance company who also is treated by Dr. Santos-Morales with his dental implant needs. He remarked: “So both of us are treated by the best periodontist in the Philippines.” And I just smiled.”

– Joe Clemente, Retired, Philippines


“Just a quick note to let you know that, after going to so many dentists in my life, I can realize and appreciate your kindness to your patients. I have not been treated so kindly by any dentist in a long time. You are a wonderful professional and I hope you simply stay that way. I miss you so much and your explanations. I look forward to seeing you during my regular maintenance visits. I had very good care in your hands with my periodontal surgeries. Thank you for maintaining my family’s oral health care all these years.”

– Elsa K. Elma, Businesswoman, Lucban, Quezon, Philippines


“One of the top “things to do in my life” is to visit the clinic of Dra. Regina Santos Morales every quarter. I used to suffer from bleeding and swollen gums which almost always needed quite a dose of antibiotics to cure it. I have been relieved of all this for the past 10 years with my periodic visits to Dra. Morales. Her knowledge, skill and patience in thorough and deep cleaning of my gums is truly amazing!”

– Fe Esperanza S. Rodriguez, The Fort, Taguig City, Philippines


“I have been going to Dr. Regina Santos-Morales every quarter for eleven years now. I religiously keep my appointments because she fixed my gum problem then and has helped maintain my dental health since, referring me to other specialists when necessary. She has obviously cured me of my dread of seeing dentists. For one thing, she has such a light hand I no longer tense up in anticipation of pain. For another (and this is a major factor for me), she explains intended procedures clearly and confidently, while patiently listening to my apprehensions. The added plus is that she runs an orderly office where appointed time slots are honored and one doesn’t have to wait. I’ve told her that I may not have needed to see her in the first place, if the dentists I had been to previously had made it as painless as possible, the way she has.”

– Mrs. Teresa Loinaz, Makati City, Philippines


“I have completely forgotten that I have a dental implant placed two years ago until Dr. Morales asked me how it was after my regular three months cleaning. It was a very good decision to finally have one, to replace a missing tooth and more importantly, to close the gap. So everyday when I brush my teeth and floss, I really have forgotten that one tooth is actually an implant. It is convenient and just as important, I can smile and laugh all I want. I should have done this earlier, but despite some delay, I’m really glad I came around to doing it.”

– Patricia Sardalla, Philippines


One of the best things I enjoy in life, now that I have turned senior citizen, is my complete set of natural teeth which has remained strong and continues to serve me well to this day. I could have lost some, if not all, of my teeth by now had it not been for the saving work done by Dr. Regina B. Santos Morales nine years ago. The four quadrant surgeries she performed on my diseased gums restored them to good health that consequently put my teeth firm again on a stable foundation. Surprisingly, what I thought would be a dreadful experience at the start turned out to be just a slight inconvenience. And the procedure was done in what seemed to be just a fleeting time!

It’s always a joy to go to her clinic for the regular cleaning of my gums and maintenance care for I truly feel a winner after each session.

For her expert know-how and friendly care, Dr. Regina B. Santos Morales is indeed a big bright star in the field of Periodontics who put a sparkle in her patients’ smile!

— Thelma A. Lopez-Garcellano, Pasig City, Philippines


“I will keep on smiling till I aged… Thanks to Dra. Regina Morales, implants are a welcome technology!”

– Marilee Victorio, Philippines


“Dra Morales is not only professional, but she also truly cares for her patients. Her gentle nature and high level of competence makes her an ideal ally for an active and healthy lifestyle. I wish her all the success.”

– Boopsie Eraña, President, ICAP Philippines Inc.


“My dentist suggested crown lengthening surgery to me because my teeth were short. I didn’t give it that much thought at first because the procedure sounded so painful. After much consideration, I finally decided to go on with the procedure because I really wanted a more beautiful smile. I told myself, I’m sure that the pain will all be worth it! I’m so glad that I made that decision because the procedure was painless and quick. After about 1.5 hours I saw a new smile which I never thought I could have. I wish I made the decision sooner! Thank you Dra. Regina Morales for keeping your promise that it will be a painless and quick procedure but most of all, thank you for giving me my new smile…I really love it!”

– Anna Escaro, Philippines


“Since day one, Dr. Regina Santos-Morales’ knowing and careful ways are a matter of consistent practice. I am certain that in her hands, I have the best and most suitable treatment options, performed by one of high aptitude. As a patient, it is most reassuring to have Ninay on my side, year after year!”

– Lauri Yao, Philippines

I don’t know how she does it. Dr. Regina Santos Morales’s clinic is always a beehive of activity. I’ve never seen the two sections of her office, with their dental chairs, vacant. I must say the office is well organized: the secretary reminds patients like me of our appointments. I go every three months for my cleaning and teeth checkup, especially since I have an implant, done some five years ago, as well as a troublesome lower left molar which may get infected again if not cleaned properly.

This is one indefatigable dental surgeon, a Periodontist par excellence who personally keeps tabs on her patients while running an efficient office.

I am very pleased with the gentle hands of Dr. Layra Marabe, who handles my teeth cleaning every three months. She’s a real gem!

– Erlinda Panlilio, Makati City, Philippines

“I am one of the many loyal patients of Dr. Regina Santos-Morales because she has proven to be a periodontist par excellence. I highly recommend her to all my friends.”

– Edgardo G. Lacson, President, Employers Confederation of the Phil. (ECOP)


“Dra. Regina Morales, professional and gentle handling of my dental issues helped me overcome my childhood phobia of dental visits. I wished I had met her earlier.”

– Jose C. Nograles, President, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation


“Sitting on Dr. Morales chair is akin with an appointment with dreamland.

At last, I have the freedom to eat again! For several years, I was burdened with toothaches, poorly fitted dentures, and distraught I could not partake of favorite foods such as mouth watering juicy steaks, corn on the cob, hard crusty bread, popcorn, nuts or anything that requires tearing or hard chewing. Today, I feel like a normal human being again, armed with a brand new set of implants that feels like my own teeth.

If anyone is looking to have the most pleasant experience for a single or multiple implants, look no further. I am living proof to have lived and survived this joyful journey spearheaded by the exceptional Dr. Regina Santos-Morales and her team of superb professionals.

Frustrated with other periodontists and implant professionals recommended to me, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and did the most ordinary. I browsed through the web and came upon Dr. Morales. I was impressed by the testimonials written about her and her team. This is the reason why I have taken this long to write what is most deserving.

The journey took two years, by no means any fault of her team, more so dragged by my constant travels and busy schedule. Upon my first meeting with Dr. Morales, I am immediately put to ease by her aura of gentle calmness, strength and intelligence, simplicity and professionalism. I listened as she explained in detail as to why or would not do to each of my problem tooth. Each explanation made so much sense that I could not counter with an argument. I left her office with a feeling of security and that my search for the perfect fit has come to an end. Not to disappoint, I received an email from her a day later stating our meeting in detail including scheduling and pricing for each work accomplished. All I had to do was to call in for my first appointment.

I was to work with two of her team of partners, Dra. Pia Antonio and Dra. Xenia Velmonte. These two doctors were hand picked by Dr. Morales herself to suit my psyche and personality. (From my understanding she works with many other outstanding dentists as well.) The meetings with Dr. Pia and Dr. X were just as pleasant. I was met with the warmest greetings. I had nothing to fear. My background, data and assigned workload were already emailed to the doctors ahead of schedule. I sat in each of their chairs without having to repeat what was needed. They knew exactly what was to be done.

I barely felt pain albeit a slight discomfort all throughout the procedures. Offerings of colorful ice packs shaped like mini balloons were dispensed immediately to soothe. Medications were dispensed and scheduling conflicts rearranged by her super oiled team of front desk personnel and personal assistants. The whole staff is a mirror image of the Dr. herself.

What else can I say? I am fortunate enough to be here on this earth to share Dr. Morales and her team’s lifetime.

– Anli Wu, Owner, The Pleasure Place Holdings, Makati, Philippines


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Wow! Dr. Ninay Morales is really great!, I feel so refreshed talaga. Thank you, thank you. My gums has improved so nicely too and the color of my gums is soooo pink, super like like like. Very good job Dr. Ninay! You inspire me of your work. Truly you are the “Perio Goddess of the Philippines”. God Bless you always with your work.

— Dr. Lillian Ebuen, Practicing Cosmetic Dentist, Manila Philippines


Dr. Morales introduced me to LANAP therapy and cured my gum disease. Laser therapy meant no cutting and no sewing. I was able to talk normally and get back to my usual functions moments after the procedure. My friends and colleagues didn’t even notice that I had surgery. The pain was negligible post op that I got by with just three days of paracetamol. Sure, I had to go through liquid diet for a week, but that was nothing compared to the benefits. Now I have no more bleeding gums, my teeth are firm and I could chew my food many times better than before. And the best part of it is that the therapy is affordable and getting dentures is definitely more expensive.

–Ricky Lozari, Consultant/Trainer/Teacher, Quezon City, Philippines


Dr. Regina Santos-Morales’s style is forthright, warm, educative, very reassuring. I was almost in a state of panic when I came to her clinic, but the doctor’s experience, expertise, and reputation quieted my fears. She explained to me both options to consider–the traditional way of treating gum disease, or by means of laser surgery. The latter is a little more expensive but worth the results. In less time my gums are back to health, my smile is broad and confident anew, and I am more alerted to the importance of taking care not only of the teeth, but also of the gums. I commend Dr. Morales and her entire staff for their exemplary professionalism and wholehearted customer service. It means a lot for every client to feel genuinely valued.

— Rebecca T. Anonuevo, Educator, Miriam College


Gum bleeding was a big problem for me for many years. I had many notions on what was wrong in my body due to several embarrassing incidents in the past. But all my fears disappeared instantly when I had laser gum treatment. The procedure was quick, clean and with minimal pain. I am glad I underwent the LANAP therapy with Dr. Morales. I would recommend it to my relatives and friends.

–Cynthia De Jesus, Sports Enthusiast, Malabon City, Philippines


Technology plus top-notch dental practitioner equals CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. LANAP treatment is truly wonderful as it will revive the health of your gums… but it won’t be enough if the one using it would cause you more discomfort and doubt. Drs. Santos-Morales and Marabe is the epitome of world-class dental practitioners. I was simply struck by the profile of these doctors and was even more amazed to know how customer friendly they were during the process (before, during and after treatment). You can feel the warmth of their presence and the confidence that you’ll be ok for whatever treatment that they’ll do for you. I believe undergoing LANAP thru these fine women is one of the best decisions I have made in my whole life.

— Michel Kevin Caibigan, MBA Program Manager, Ateneo de Manila University


I thank Dr. Regina Morales and Dr. Layra Marabe for their friendly and extremely professional service during my recent extensive dental treatment. I was kept fully informed throughout and made to feel a valued patient. The results of my treatment have exceeded my expectations! The customer service that I received was excellent; all the staffs are professional and very very friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend her practice.

Even my dentist here in Iceland said that they did an amazing job for my teeth. I will definitely look forward to seeing them again for my future check ups.

— Nelson Baldelovar, Reykjavik , Iceland


Okay na Okay ang Laser Gum Treatment (LANAP) that was performed on me! Pink ang color ng gums ko ngayon at very healthy dahil wala ng bleeding. Nagpapasalamat po ako sa maayos na treatment na ginawa nyo. Alam nyo naman na ika-apat na dentist po kayo na napuntahan ko. Kaya pala hindi ako nag-stay sa former dentist dahil kayo ung hinahanap ko na totoong makakatulong talaga… At kayo po ung right and magaling na Doctor. Thanks to you and to your staff!

— Edgardo Mercado, Canada


I highly recommend Dr Regina Santos-Morales after my Laser periodontal therapy (LANAP) . My quality of life improved amazingly. I travelled from Gold Coast Australia and it was one of the best things that I have done. Extremely professional and her attention to detail was first class. Very friendly and caring staff and the whole experience was far beyond my expectations. Thank you to all staff, I look forward seeing you again.

— Joel Cubos, Chef, Gold Coast Australia


“My sincere thanks to Dra. Regina S. Morales and all her staff who save my life again due to severe gum disease. I work in CA but I decided to have it done in the Philippines after a thorough research in the internet. She did LANAP last October 2012 and wow my recovery after the procedure was so quick and fantastic. Of course more procedure to follow but I’m so lucky that I found a Periodontist/Dentist that I can trust. I can’t think of any words to describe her because she got it all!! I would highly recommend her to all my friends here and abroad.”

— Ida Cuevas, Temple, Texas


Dra. Regina Morales is a dream dentist! The kind of dentist that makes you forget the fear of going to the dentist. I had a major gum disease, my gums were in very bad condition and causing pain and bleeding.

Dr. Morales recommended laser periodontal treatment. Initially, I was hesitant but soon found out that I made the best decision. The treatment was almost pain-free! My gum bleeding and pain all disappeared miraculously.

Since the treatment, which is more than a year ago, my gum status continue to be in healthy condition. And after everything, I can proudly say that if anyone thinks or feel that he or she has gum problem, seek Dra. Morales and she will surely recommend the right treatment at an affordable cost.

— Idor Gilan, Businessman, Makati City, Philippines


After consulting a Periodontist for periodontal gum treatment, the diagnosis was that periodontal surgery was needed to prevent further dental decay of the tooth root. However, after learning of the surgical process I quickly realized that I wasn’t prepared to undergo this procedure since the healing process is long. My search for a more acceptable technique led me to learn about the “LANAP” protocol available only in Asian Periodontics and Implant Dentistry Center(APIC) at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City.

After hearing the advantages of the LANAP method for gum treatment from Dr. Regina Santos-Morales of APIC, I decided to undergo the treatment last November 29, 2012. Post-operative pain and slight bleeding was minimal and swelling of gums lasted for only about 1-3 days.The post op instructions were not difficult which included 2 to 3 days of liquid diet followed by 10 days of soft food. Continuous weekly check in the next two months was necessary to monitor the healing process and on the 3rd month the scaling and polishing of tooth was performed.

Overall, I can say that the LANAP treatment was very satisfactory and was well worth it. Most of all, it helped me avoid the long healing process if I had chosen the conventional “cut and sew” method surgery.The LANAP procedure helped me get back to normal daily routine after 3 days.

APIC’s dental service care was intensive and thorough. It provided the best care for my needs. “SULIT NA SULIT”

– Emma Tolentino, Company Executive, Makati City

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